180m2 creative space

Coffee, tea & water

The studio consists of 3 connecting rooms. Two of those rooms are furnished in a warm minimalist style, containing a living room and dining/meeting room. Additionally, there's 90m2 creative space you can use to create your own sets with backdrops or host your (creative) workshop. Throughout the studio you'll find 4 meter high ceilings, herringbone parquet and marble fireplaces.

The studio has a small kitchenette with a fridge, automatic coffee machine (hello lattes & cappuccino's!) with plant-based milk, tea and water, as well as a sink and dishwasher for your convenience. There are also two toilets, Wi-Fi, and airconditioning to keep you cool on hot days.


Props & accessories

style your own set


In the studio, you'll find a large table for 6-8 people, several armchairs and a couch, several side tables in wood and black wood, different chairs and stools, two rugs, several mirrors, a wooden side board and room divider.

There are lots of props in the studio that you can use to create your own sets, such as vases, plants, dried pampas, books & magazines, blankets, cushions, candles, tableware, mirrors, art, etc. Or you can just use the interior as it is.

other tools




For your convenience, a clothing rack with 8 hangers, a hand steamer, and a speaker to play some music are readily available. As well as podcasting material per request. You'll also find smaller tools like clamps and tape.

A background system is available in the studio, as well as 4 paper rolls in white, olive green, dark terracotta brown and beige. There is also a large white cotton cloth available, as well as a terracotta red and grey linnen cloth. There are 2 wooden backdrops on wheels in colors white, light green, pink and golden beige. There are also smaller cardboard backdrops/reflectors in white and black.

Below you will find the prices for renting the studio, starting from 2 hours. If you want to book the studio during other times than allocated in the booking system, please contact


Full Day (8 hours)

Half Day (4 hours)

2 hours

Exclusive use of all 3 rooms, including all props and accessories, Wi-Fi, kitchenette with coffee, tea and water, and 2 toilets.

Exclusive use of all 3 rooms, including all props and accessories, Wi-Fi, kitchenette with coffee, tea and water, and 2 toilets.

Exclusive use of all 3 rooms, including all props and accessories, Wi-Fi, kitchenette with coffee, tea and water, and 2 toilets.

€420 excl.

€250 excl.

€150 excl.


How do I book the studio?


Go to the booking page and select your date and time. You can also add extra hours to your booking, as well as a cleaning service. Please keep in mind that your booked time in the studio includes setting up and cleaning up afterwards. So please make sure to book enough time so you're not in a rush. You can make payment straight through the booking page. If you prefer to pay through invoice, please contact us at

A few things that you may want to know before booking the studio. If you have other questions, we'll be happy to answer them via email at

What if my desired time slot isn't available through the booking system?


You can contact us through and we'll check if there is availability on your desired date. The booking slots are opened during normal office hours, so early or late bookings will always have to be verified first by us, as well as last-minute bookings.

What can I book the studio for?


You can book the studio for photoshoots or videoshoots, as well as hosting meetings, workshops, small-scale events, livestreams or podcasts. Or just to come and work in a quiet, calm space.

Where is Soul Studio located?


Soul Studio is located in an old bank building in the Lange Nieuwstraat, right in the heart of Antwerp. The studio offers a quiet space to work, while at the same time being right at the center of Antwerp city life.