+ Working


create effortlessly

in a space encompassing

the slow flow of time,

the rediscovered calmness of life,

the sheer joy of work.


WoRK where you feel at home

Soul Studio started as a small pop-up photo studio in the summer of 2020, which a year later has evolved into a large daylight studio which puts slow living & working first.

Working at Soul Studio encourages you to switch off the noise and find a way of working that promotes your full focus & creativity. Working in an inspiring environment that supports a soothing work-life rhythm, enhances your creativity, bringing out your best self.

The studio is set in an old bank building, allowing us to work with the authentic elements of the spaces. Good design is a big part of our quest to create a soothing space for you to work and create in. We've mainly worked with natural elements, soft colors and daylight to not only create a photo worthy set-up, but also to evoke feelings of calmness, and connect with the human senses.

Let inspiration strike around every authentic corner of this space. Be here, one place at a time, mind and body.

The story of the founder

Hi, I'm Christine!

As a photographer of conscious brands and soul people, I've made it my mission to encourage my clients to be as authentic as possible and step into their own, unique power —in front of the camera and in their daily lives. As a real slowpreneur —I let my intuition guide me in everything I do— I help fellow dreamers bring their creative vision to life.

I In the summer of 2020, I started Soul Studio as a pop-up photo studio and creative space for myself —where I could work from a serene space and where my clients would feel just as at home as I do. Immediately, the space was so well-liked and the search for a bigger, permanent space began. This came into fruition in april 2021 and the new Soul Studio opened its doors.

For this new space, I wanted to connect my love for warm minimal images and creating an optimal space for creativity, with my interest in slow living & working. I strongly believe the space you work and create from & feeling good in that space, is just as important as the work you do. Your well-being is only enhanced when you work from a space that inspires you and that simply feels like home.

So I happily invite you into my creative home, to come and experience what soulful working is all about.